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We contribute to the success of your product by combining our knowledge on key technologies to deliver high quality products, reduce time-to-market and provide the best cost level.

AME Labs

Our all-in-house laboratory facilities allow our engineers to provide and ensure a world-class product. Our electronic equipment test facilities (EETF) include EMC-, climate-, humidity- and shock- chambers and support RCTA, MIL, JEDEC and IEC standards.

Create at AME

AME offers an Integrated Manufacturing Solution to ensure quality, optimise cost and logistical performance to enable the most competitive edge for our customers. Our highly automated electronics- and mechatronics manufacturing facilities comply to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001.

About us

AME is an independent developer and manufacturer of high quality electronic products located in the top technological region of the world (Brainport Eindhoven). Our goal is to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. We accomplish this by integrating product development and manufacturing and keeping a clear focus on the product and its function. Driven by technology, we strive for the best solution combining the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, software and industrial engineering. Through creativity, passion, ambition, motivation and a highly educated level of our employees AME secures its goal of being a profitable company.


AME’s technology base is built up on the foundation of technical collaborations with world leading OEM companies and scientific institutions. Right from the days of inception, AME had a clear vision of the role of pre developed technology in the development process. We set up an infrastructure which enables our Research, Design and Development center (RD&D) to make maximum use of the most state-of-the art technological concepts and cross-fertilization between markets in the most effective way. We are known for the development of most innovative products with disruptive technology for the best product price!


Power Conversion

We develop and supply a broad range of power conversion products. Our sophisticated drive technology includes inverter and active rectifier topologies for traction, speed and power flow control. The converters for isolated and non-isolated power supplies with or without power factor correction for power ranges up to 30 kW are best in class regarding robustness, cost and efficiency. With the extensive portfolio of conversion and sensing techniques AME can offer complete traction solutions for agricultural and transport applications. Our applications have been applied in smart-grid switching and renewable energy products.


Internet of Things

AME has a strong focus on connectivity solutions. We developed technology for customized off-the-shelf solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). We realize cost effective and fast integration of this technology in your product.

We supply Wi-Fi modules and chip in-designs including the required embedded Wi-Fi stacks, application software and protocols. Our solutions integrate with most commercial back-end systems. Our “connected devices platform” (cloud system and mobile apps) allow you to have a scalable platform.



Our knowledge on sensor design and signal analysis allow us to design accurate, less complex, reliable products without compromising functionality. State-of-the-art sensor fusion techniques combined with our proven standards in software algorithms and simulation models result in the best performance, complying to highest quality standards (ISO 26262 – ASIL, ISO 61508 - SIL, DO-178/254 - DAL).


We apply our technologies in a high diversity of markets. Our off-the-shelf solutions can be customized to your desire. New product developments will benefit from the cross-fertilization between markets, processes and technologies. Explore our wide variety of markets and applications!


Electric vehicles

E-mobility becomes a vast element in today’s society. We supply power- and control electronics for powertrain and transmission applications. The combination of our broad expertise in power conversion and sensing leads us to disrupting innovations in this field.

Application areas include the development of concepts for Automated Guided Vehicles , E-bikes, E-boats, Forklifts, Golf carts and Agricultural equipment.


Home appliances

Our modern way of living is becoming more and more supported by electrical appliances performing supporting tasks around the house. Today’s communication technologies enable us to monitor and control these machines. Using our development capabilities and technology we are able to integrate sensors, software control algorithms and connectivity solutions (eg Wi-Fi, ISM, Zigbee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, DECT ULE and BT) into your product. We are able to provide smart integrated solutions with a short time to market and lowest product cost.


Industrial automation

Suppliers of industrial equipment are constantly looking for more intelligent ways to stay ahead of competition by applying today’s technologies without compromising on reliability, quality and cost.

Our appliances include control units and user interfaces for (vehicle) elevators, postal- and baggage handling systems, press brakes, industrial ventilation and pump systems, horizontal drilling and condition monitoring.


Do you thrive on challenges?!

AME is the ideal place to take your ideas and your passion for technology to the next level. Are you ready to join a team of world-class professionals?



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