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We contribute to the success of your product by combining our knowledge on key technologies to deliver high quality products, reduce time-to-market and provide the best cost level.

AME Labs

Our all-in-house laboratory facilities allow our engineers to provide and ensure a world-class product. Our electronic equipment test facilities (EETF) include EMC-, climate-, humidity- and shock- chambers and support RCTA, MIL, JEDEC and IEC standards.

Create at AME

AME offers an Integrated Manufacturing Solution to ensure quality, optimise cost and logistical performance to enable the most competitive edge for our customers. Our highly automated electronics- and mechatronics manufacturing facilities comply to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001.

About us

AME is an independent developer and manufacturer of high quality electronic products located in the top technological region of the world (Brainport Eindhoven). Our goal is to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. We accomplish this by integrating product development and manufacturing and keeping a clear focus on the product and its function. Driven by technology, we strive for the best solution combining the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, software and industrial engineering. Through creativity, passion, ambition, motivation and a highly educated level of our employees AME secures its goal of being a profitable company.


AME’s technology base is built up on the foundation of technical collaborations with world leading OEM companies and scientific institutions. Right from the days of inception, AME had a clear vision of the role of pre developed technology in the development process. We set up an infrastructure which enables our Research, Design and Development center (RD&D) to make maximum use of the most state-of-the art technological concepts and cross-fertilization between markets in the most effective way. We are known for the development of most innovative products with disruptive technology for the best product price!


Power Conversion

We develop and supply a broad range of power conversion products. Our sophisticated drive technology includes inverter and active rectifier topologies for traction, speed and power flow control. The converters for isolated and non-isolated power supplies with or without power factor correction for power ranges up to 30 kW are best in class regarding robustness, cost and efficiency. With the extensive portfolio of conversion and sensing techniques AME can offer complete traction solutions for agricultural and transport applications. Our applications have been applied in smart-grid switching and renewable energy products.


Internet of Things

AME has a strong focus on connectivity solutions. We developed technology for customized off-the-shelf solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). We realize cost effective and fast integration of this technology in your product.

We supply Wi-Fi modules and chip in-designs including the required embedded Wi-Fi stacks, application software and protocols. Our solutions integrate with most commercial back-end systems. Our “connected devices platform” (cloud system and mobile apps) allow you to have a scalable platform.



Our knowledge on sensor design and signal analysis allow us to design accurate, less complex, reliable products without compromising functionality. State-of-the-art sensor fusion techniques combined with our proven standards in software algorithms and simulation models result in the best performance, complying to highest quality standards (ISO 26262 – ASIL, ISO 61508 - SIL, DO-178/254 - DAL).

SolarEMR Project

This project is being carried out with a contribution from the European programme Interreg Euregio Maas-Rhine, which promotes innovation, renewable energy, a healthy environment and the labour market through cross-border projects.

European and nationally issued renewable energy targets are forcing local governments and commercial owners of public infrastructure to invest in durable energy solutions. More than that, it is being acknowledged that durability should become “business as usual” in realization of infrastructural and building projects. On 14 July 2021, the European Commission adopted a set of proposals to make the EU's climate, energy, transport and taxation policies fit for reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. Building and construction companies are used to realize infrastructural projects by subcontracting a great variety of specialized SME companies, which are bound to work according to tight regulations and quality systems. This means that the incorporation of durable energy systems in public infrastructure involves the development of new ways of working, and new regulations and quality systems for a large number of SME companies. The project aims to enable and increases both the efficiency and the public acceptance (esp. by SMEs) of renewable solar electricity generation in public road infrastructure and the built environment, and thus supports CO2 emission reduction and the circular economy. The work on grid topologies and energy management ensures efficient use of the generated energy while optimizing grid layout for applications such as fast electric vehicle charging, battery storage, and energy conversion (e.g. hydrogen). In principle, embedding current state of the art quality solar module materials in the currently available world-wide area of public road infrastructure and building elements would be sufficient to meet the global electric energy demand. Current state of the art is that multiple projects on solar-integrated road and building infrastructure have been realized producing tens to hundreds of MWhours/year; the technology is therefore just gaining momentum. By including both economic and EU legislation aspects and identifying opportunities and hurdles, we aim to increase public acceptance and speed up the long-term widely spread implementation by SMEs of integrated PV by SMEs, companies, and communities.


  • The value chain of IPV: design process for automated and fast integration
    Developing a design process over the entire value chain of integrated photovoltaics (IPV). This while keeping in mind automated production and integration steps or fast deployment in the field for infrastructure integration and specifics related to power electronics, grid connection, legislation and economic aspects. The design will also minimise material use and environmental impact. The main goal is to demonstrate the entire process in order to support future IPV ideas of other SMEs in the EMR region.
  • Low voltage DC grid and coupling to DC applications
    The project will demonstrate how to optimize the amount of electrical energy produced per IPV element under outdoor conditions (robust electrical interconnection lines, design and testing of power optimizers and inverters, cost effective electrical connection to point of use). This while taking into account a cross border applicable set of standards for electrical connection to the grid that complies with local legislation and certification. The project also wants to demonstrate advantages of a low voltage DC grid when coupling to applications such as fast chargers, battery storage or hydrogen storage of excess energy.
  • Economics and legislation for IPV in the European context for SMEs
    What legislation do SMEs have to observe in the European context? What economic and other benefits can they obtain? How can they share energy and maximize the return on their energy production? In short, which business models exist and what could possibly be done in the future? We will clarify all these matters in order to make this hurdle lighter in the future roll-out of integrated PV. This all fits in this densely built-up region with a dense road network, where we want to make optimal use of the further roll-out of PV, together with local producers and for local companies and communities.


SolarEMR is a follow-up project on Rolling Solar (Interreg EMR) in which we developed and evaluated integration of large stretches (>1m) of silicon and thin film PV solar modules in infrastructural elements. SolarEMR extends to the Rolling Solar project by demonstrating automated mass production of bespoke silicon and thin film IPV and optimized electrical grid connection for local energy use. Additionally we support SMEs directly by investigating economic models and legislative aspects while identifying opportunities and hurdles. To achieve this, we make use of important synergies with the projects listed below:

  • SolaRoad (TNO, Soltech): realization of a stretch of bicycle path near Krommenie, NL.
  • Interreg V project ‘PV OpMaat’: integration of PV Solar functionality and electrical power conversion in building elements.
  • EFRO/SALK project ‘SolSThore’ (KUL, imec, UH): Advanced solar technology for the integration into building roofs and façades and optimization of grid interaction by storage.
  • Dutch TKI project ‘PV4Roads’: integration of PV Solar functionality in road elements based on crystalline solar cells.
  • EU LIFE project “Solar Highways”, application of crystalline silicon based PV in noise barriers on Dutch highway A50 (TNO).
  • EU project “CHIPs”: realization of cycle highways possibly including PV-integration.
  • SONOB (Solar Noise Barriers), including a field test of noise barriers based on PV in combination with Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC’s) (TNO)
  • Belgian ‘ETF’ project BREGILAB: Grid balancing by injection limits and local energy storage.
  • Flemish project ‘BIDC’: Realizing safe and stable bipolar low-voltage DC power and data backbones
  • EU project ‘HyPErFarm’: Hydrogen and Photovoltaic Electrification on Farms. Studying efficient usage and need for storage for electricity generated by Agri-PV.
  • EU-H2020 IA STARGATE: significantly increasing the environmental sustainability of EU airports through developing and increasing actions to increase energy efficiency and decarbonize the airport ecosystem.
  • EU-H2020 RIA PERCISTAND: development of innovative materials and processes for perovskite on chalcogenide tandem appliances.
  • EU-H2020 RIA Phy2Climate: a global approach for recovery of arable land. As in this project, clear Flemish/Belgian/European legislation is missing, is complicated and covers multiple areas.


  • TNO
  • imec
  • ZUYD
  • HeLMo - CRIG
  • Soltech
  • KU Leuven
  • ZigZagSolar
  • RWTH Aachen
  • AME


Manufacturing Services

AME offers a complete set of highly vertically integrated in-house manufacturing services to control the supply of your electronic product needs. These manufacturing services are offered for internal and external electronic designs. All matters related to the production process are facilitated during the life cycle of a product, from product development to phase-out. We are able to manage the complete life cycle of your product on detailed Bill of Material level. The complete set of manufacturing services consists of; Product Data Management, Supply Chain & Material Solutions, Board & Component Traceability, Design for eXcellence, New Product Introduction, Production & Test Technology industrialization and Service & Repair Fulfillment.


Supply Chain management

Our Product Data Management system is the back bone for a consistent revision controlled technical product dossier. This is dynamically linked to the ERP system (SAP) that enables advanced procurement and supply chain management strategies.


Electronics Manufacturing

AME has a 1000m2 manufacturing area with multiple identical manufacturing lines for high mix/complexity, to medium volume manufacturing of SMT and THT populated printed circuit boards. All manufacturing is done with 100% controlled state-of-the-art vision inspection systems such as Solder Paste Inspection, Automated Optical inspection and Through-hole Optical Inspection. Full traceability is guaranteed with Statistical Process Controlled processes.


Injection Molding

A broad range of in-house injection molding capabilities are at our disposal for making plastic parts, from small to large. Examples of available added value activities are: 2K molding, In-mold labeling, weld-free variotherm and metal insert overmolding.
The equipment range is: 80t / 120t / 120 2k / 300t / 500t.


System Assembly

End assembly of products is provided in over 1600m2 of manufacturing area. Our capabilities range from human centered and robot assisted manufacturing activities with capabilities such as: plasma treating, 1 and 2K volumetric adhesive (or) thermal interface dispensing, ultrasonic welding, and vision control to final assembly, including 100% end-of line functional testing.


Machining & Mold Manufacturing

Our machining factory is fully equipped for series machining activities and mold manufacturing. This manufacturing expertise is key for in-depth Design-For-eXcellence knowledge that is used in product development. The full capabilities available are:

  • Surface grinding
  • Aluminum sawing
  • Die and wire EDM with integrated Electrode Milling
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling centre



We apply our technologies in a high diversity of markets. Our off-the-shelf solutions can be customized to your desire. New product developments will benefit from the cross-fertilization between markets, processes and technologies. Explore our wide variety of markets and applications!


Electric vehicles

E-mobility becomes a vast element in today’s society. We supply power- and control electronics for powertrain and transmission applications. The combination of our broad expertise in power conversion and sensing leads us to disrupting innovations in this field.

Application areas include the development of concepts for Automated Guided Vehicles , E-bikes, E-boats, Forklifts, Golf carts and Agricultural equipment.


Home appliances

Our modern way of living is becoming more and more supported by electrical appliances performing supporting tasks around the house. Today’s communication technologies enable us to monitor and control these machines. Using our development capabilities and technology we are able to integrate sensors, software control algorithms and connectivity solutions (eg Wi-Fi, ISM, Zigbee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, DECT ULE and BT) into your product. We are able to provide smart integrated solutions with a short time to market and lowest product cost.


Industrial automation

Suppliers of industrial equipment are constantly looking for more intelligent ways to stay ahead of competition by applying today’s technologies without compromising on reliability, quality and cost.

Our appliances include control units and user interfaces for (vehicle) elevators, postal- and baggage handling systems, press brakes, industrial ventilation and pump systems, horizontal drilling and condition monitoring.


AME and Variass join forces by establishing Metis Group

Establishing Metis Group marks a new step in the international buy-and-build strategy.

Eindhoven, 9 January 2024 - Variass, AME, and Gimv are delighted to announce the establishment of Metis Group, effective as of today, January 9, 2024. Metis Group is a group of electronics companies that provide Development, Manufacturing and Product Life Cycle Management services to customers. Metis Group aims to facilitate collaboration among its subsidiary companies by sharing best practices and optimizing production and development capabilities, thereby maximizing value for its customer base.

The step to establish the Metis Group is a logical one after the acquisition of a majority stake in AME in 2020 and Variass in 2022 by Gimv, a leading European investment company.

Reinier Beltman, CEO (Left) and Ronald Diederiks, CFO (Right)

Metis Group: Together towards tomorrow

Metis Group’s companies are partnering with customers to develop and manufacture the innovations of tomorrow. With a combined revenue of well over EUR 100M+ and a strong and committed workforce of 450+ employees across multiple locations including Eindhoven, Veendam and Drachten in the Netherlands, Metis Group is ready to accelerate high-tech solutions together with its partners.

Metis Group is committed to positioning itself as a premier technology manufacturer in various segments of the industry, health, safety, energy, and climate markets. The goal is to significantly expand in the next years through both organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions. The subsidiaries under Metis Group will maintain their unique business operations while collaborating to launch new services, exchange best practices, and drive forward their collective ambition: Together towards tomorrow.

Leadership and Governance

Reinier Beltman will lead the Metis Group and will also continue his current CEO-role at AME. As a former CEO of Ampleon, Reinier has ample experience in realizing growth in a high-tech environment by continuously striving to maximize customer value. He will be complemented by Ronald Diederiks as CFO. They will be working closely together with the management teams of Variass and AME. The supervisory board is comprised of Henk Smid (founder and former CEO of Variass), Boris Wirtz and Tom Van de Voorde (both from Gimv). This seasoned leadership team is committed to steering Metis Group towards a future marked by innovation, market leadership, and to being an attractive employer with a high level of employee engagement.

Reinier Beltman, CEO of Metis Group, remarks “joining forces will accelerate our growth path and strengthen the partnerships with customers of each Metis Group company”.

Boris Wirtz, chairman of the supervisory board, added “the establishment of Metis Group as a platform for further buy-and-build marks a significant milestone in our journey. It reflects our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth. As a Supervisory Board, we are excited to support a vision that not only propels our companies forward but also contributes significantly to the ‘smart industries sector’ we operate in.”

About AME

AME, founded in 1997, is an independent developer and manufacturer of high quality electronic products located in the top technological region of the world (Brainport Eindhoven). AME’s goal is to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations by integrating product development and manufacturing and keeping a clear focus on the product and its function. Driven by technology, AME strives for the best solution combining the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, software and industrial engineering. Through creativity, passion, ambition, motivation and a highly educated level of its international workforce AME secures its goal of being a profitable company. For more information about AME, please visit

About Variass

Variass was established in 1989 and is currently a premier provider of advanced electronic solutions. The company specializes in the “high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity” segment and offers comprehensive services that encompass product development, industrialization, serial production, logistics, and lifecycle management. Variass distinguishes itself through its profound technological expertise, extensive production capabilities, adherence to compliance standards, and an unwavering commitment to reliability, quality, and adaptability. These attributes have solidified its position as a valued partner for approximately forty Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clients across the medical, industrial, and defense & security sectors. For more information about Variass, please visit

About Metis Group

Metis Group is a group of electronics companies that provide Development, Manufacturing and Product Life Cycle Management services to customers in a variety of markets. Mutual goals and shared knowledge will help us face the challenges of the future. And make the most of its new opportunities it brings. Bringing together people, businesses, knowledge and technology, empowers us to accelerate high-tech solutions. For more information about Metis Group and its subsidiaries, please visit

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